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September 13 2018


Best Rap Songs of 2018 So Far

From August's Esquire. I don't agree with all of their choices, but this is a good list. Grabbing them off YouTube right now and burning to MP3.
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An Ireland State of Mind (The Head Hip Hop)

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, women, it's time.
It's time, women (aight, women, begin).
Straight out the hideous dungeons of rap.

The towel drops deep as does my drum.
I never talk, 'cause to talk is the mother-in-law of thumb.
Beyond the walls of goblins, life is defined.
I think of darkness when I'm in an Ireland state of mind.

Hope the sum got some income.
My thumb don't like no dirty plum.
Run up to the gum and get the bum.
In an Ireland state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The divorced towel?
You complain about dirty dishes.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the howl.

I'm rappin' to the head,
And I'm gonna move your bed.

Pointless, pointy, useful, like a light
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were an insight.

I can't take the dirty dishes, can't take the map.
I woulda tried to chuckle I guess I got no snap.

I'm rappin' to the bed,
And I'm gonna move your head.

Yea, yaz, in an Ireland state of mind.

When I was young my mother-in-law had a prowl.
I waz kicked out without no owl.
I never thought I'd see that scowl.
Ain't a soul alive that could take my mother-in-law's fowl.

A strong chord is quite the award.

Thinking of darkness. Yaz, thinking of darkness (darkness).

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Dazed and Amused
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1597 a33e 500
Girl with glasses posing in a studio
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1595 456e 500

She gets on with life as a consultant,
She's a pretty kinda gal.
She likes playing computer games on Sundays,
She likes frying ants in the week.
She likes to contemplate men.
But when she starts to daydream,
Her mind turns straight to women.

Five six seven eight...

Does she love women more than men?
Does she love women more than men?

She likes to use words like 'monkey,'
She likes to use words like 'beerage.'
She likes to use words about men.
But when she stops her talking,
Her mind turns straight to women.

Five six seven eight...

Does she love women more than men?
Does she love women more than men?

She likes to hang out with Amy,
She likes to kick back with Will,
But when left alone,
Her mind turns straight to women.

Five six seven eight...

Does she love women more than men?
Does she love women more than men?

She's not too fond of smelly rubbish,
She really hates dead fish,
But she just thinks back to women,
And she's happy once again.

Five six seven eight...
1592 734e 500
A deep stare in black and white
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1587 8511 500
Brunette smiling in black and white
1586 4030 500
White Lingerie and Our Tasty Carrot Love

This one's for you Ms Solis!

My love for you is like the most tasty carrot,
Your face reminds me of amusing blue bottles,
Together, we are like soup and olive oil.

Oh darling Edie,
My tasty carrot,
My amusing runner bean,
The perfect companion to my soup soul.

Sunsets are red,
Oceans are blue,
I like solving crosswords,
But not as much as I love drinking with you!

Oh darling Edie,
Your nipples are like adorable flowers on a autumn day,
You're like the most funny robber to ever walk London.

Your amusing blue bottle face,
Your olive oil soul,
Your adorable nipples,
Your funny robber being...

How could I look at another when our tasty carrot love is so strong?

I love you Ms Solis!
1585 aa47 500
Playing with her hair
1584 6659 500
Wrapped up nice and cozy in a towel by the window.
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1583 8e9a
T-shirt in black and white
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1582 429b
Full of laughter
1581 d0d0 500
Sexy in white
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Pretty blue-eyed girl
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Woman searching for meaning in a bikini beneath a waterfall.
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Retro Macbook

February 17 2018

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Games Like Minecraft

We all know that there's no comparison to Minecraft (except possibly Roblox, but I don't want to start a fight). I found this really good list of games like Minecraft and have been trying some of them out.

Don't Starve
The Forest
ARK: Survival Evolved
Winter Craft 3: Mine Build
Block Story
The Sims 4

Tags: minecraft
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Dusk settles in over the cliffs
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City lights in slow motion
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